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Holistic medicine is a treatment approach that focuses on the interdependent aspects of a person. Our doctors takes a patient’s entire life situation under consideration and implement comprehensive treatment plans the promote whole body health.

Holistic Medicine

When the entire individual is considered, such as their physical, emotional, and spiritual person, an immediate link can be established. It becomes obvious that several aspects of your life and health influence and affect each other. For example, if you consume a large quantity of highly acidic food, you shouldn’t be surprised when you begin feeling heartburn symptoms. 

Holistic medicine considers and treats the body as a whole and not just symptoms. Medication to treat one condition may have a negative impact on other areas of your body and health. Belief in holistic medicine relies on the concept that well-being is dictated by the different factors in your life.

Holistic medicine is a treatment approach that focuses on the interdependent aspects of a person to achieve optimal health. This is done by creating balance through the use of holistic treatments and medicines. 

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What does Shakthi Mean?

Shakthi (Shuk-thee) means Strength, Empowerment, and Agent of Change.

Frequently Asked Questions

We value the importance of the relationship between the doctor and the patient. That is why Dr. Jyothi Rao has taken the time to answer some of the most commonly asked questions at Shakthi Health & Wellness. View our FAQ page here.

Holistic Medicine Doctors

Doctors who focus on holistic approaches for patients, first focus on prevention and then treatment. A holistic medicine doctor considers a patient’s spirit, body, and mind to improve their total health and wellness. 

The doctor considers a patient’s entire life (diet, environment, etc.) when following a holistic approach to treatment. Holistic medicine doctors integrate conventional medical training with holistic approaches for comprehensive medical care.  

When your entire well-being is considered and treated, the body’s inherent healing functions will establish a harmonious balance. Total wellness relies on the interwoven relationship between your emotional, social, and physical states.

These states of being influence the quality of your life and can impact your vitality. To enhance your well-being, these aspects of your life should be managed and cared for in conjunction.

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Holistic Approach To Health 

The practice of holistic medicine treats all aspects of the individual but also defines the underlying causes of your symptoms. By identifying the “root cause” of your condition, your doctor will be able to better navigate a treatment course that will minimize the existing symptoms and prevent future reoccurrence of your condition.    

Holistic medicine provides a variety of treatment approaches that can be combined with traditional methods as well. An individual maintains their health and wellness by making positive lifestyle changes and choice.  

Some holistic therapies are: 

When contemplating managing your health care needs with a holistic approach, there are a few things to keep in mind. All physicians with a medical degree can practice holistic medicine. But not all providers who participate in holistic medicine practices are doctors. Patients should be wary of this difference and anything claiming to provide an immediate cure.

Holistic Medicine Treatments 

Shakthi Health and Wellness Center offers several safe holistic medicine therapies for patients. “Tools” that Dr. Rao believes could provide benefits to incorporate within the integrative medicine approach, she offers, Reiki Therapy, Acupuncture, and Amethyst Bio-Mat treatments.  


Reiki is a practice that comes in its common form from an ancient Japanese practice though many believe that it originated in Tibetan Buddhism. This treatment uses the energy field that surrounds and is within the human body. This energy can hinder and encourage healing through the changes it goes through in the body. 

The idea that energies are both within and without them leads some to believe that external energies can then play a role in your health as well. Reiki, also known as palm healing, uses touch and movements over targeted areas of the body to move this energy ad repair the damages this negative energy brings with it. 

These movements and touches clear away blockages in order to allow for the energy to flow harmoniously throughout the body. Each Reiki practitioner will have their own technique or techniques they rely on. Some of these may include:

  • Clearing
  • Removal of Negative Energy
  • Infusing
  • Beaming
  • Centering


This holistic healing practice may well be the most well-known of all the holistic treatments we offer. Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice that is designed to stimulate nerve groups in certain areas in order to affect the health of correlating areas of the body. This minimally invasive technique is intended to unblock and move the Qi (otherwise known as your body’s natural energies.

Moving this energy allows for the Qi to flow harmoniously throughout the body’s systems. In essence, the core belief of this Chinese practice is that all ailments are directly tied to your Qi not moving correctly throughout your body. 

Identifying the main issues and areas in the body affected by our licensed and experienced acupuncturist will identify where the energy blockage is. They then will insert sterilized, thin needles into the skin at meridian points to help with your body’s natural healing process. 

Amethyst Bio-Mat

Bio-Mat therapy uses crystals, infrared and negative ions to create a warm massaging effect that is intended to reduce pain in nerves and muscles. Not only that but the negative ions create a rejuvenating and relaxing feeling as well. But how does all this work?

The first component the amethyst crystal used in the Bio-Mat helps change the energy from heating the mat to infrared light. This is all thanks to the crystal’s constriction. 

Amethyst has also been long known to help with spiritual healing as well. It is often referred to as a superconductor which means it is able to enhance light and ions.

In many alternative medical treatments, amethyst is used to help with immune systems, improve circulation and boost metabolism. These are just a few of the uses this amazing crystal offers. 

Along with the amethyst though is infrared technology. This helps the heat penetrate not the muscles and can help with circulation and relieve tension in the muscles.

Other Approaches: 

Dr. Jyothi Rao offers other approaches to wellness for enhanced vitality for her patients. Patients will have access to nutrition recommendations and advice when training for physical activity. She can evaluate your eating habits and determine ideal ways to incorporate plant based food to improve gut health. Shakthi Health and Wellness Center also offer diagnostic testing to evaluate inflammation levels, hormone balances, and recommendations to reduce stress.  

Shakthi Health and Wellness Center also offers access to infrared sauna therapy. An infrared sauna uses infrared lamps that use electromagnetic radiation as opposed to traditional heating elements. This type of sauna penetrates more deeply than warm air, with better intensity at a lower temperature. Our infrared sauna improves sleeps, promotes better circulation, and enhanced recovery for sore muscles. 

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We believe in practicing medicine that focuses on whole-body health. As holistic medicine doctors, we focus on the root cause of your condition with comprehensive treatments that heal the body rather than just masking the symptoms of your illness.

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Patient Testimonials

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Susan Doyle

I started by seeing Dr. Sudhir Rao for my Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) Syndrome. I had an accident in July 2010 that caused nerve damage in my ankle. After treatments and surgery, it spread up the entire left side of my body. The only way to describe how you feel is by saying you’re a human pinball machine ? you just never know where the pain is going to be that minute. I had asked about acupuncture because someone had told me that it worked for them. I was at the point of trying anything to lessen the pain because it was getting worse every day.

Anonymous Patient

I am actually a relatively healthy 50-year-old woman. I try to eat well and exercise, but I (like many) felt the creep of age in the form a subtle pounds and decreasing energy. Dr. Rao helped point me in the direction of the correct detox program for me (Core Restore!) as well as the supplements I needed to boost my metabolism and increase my energy! I still need to eat what works for me and avoid the things that don't, and I still have to exercise every day, but my clothes fit better and I have more energy!!

- Shakthi Patients

Anna Smoot

I came to see Dr. Rao with symptoms of chronic fatigue, abdominal pains, depression, and weight gain. I had seen a couple other doctors and they had found that I had very high inflammation levels and over 15 food allergies/sensitivities. They wanted me to just take prescription drugs, but I wanted more than a quick fix. I wanted my health and my life back! When I scheduled the appointment, I was surprised how by helpful Kelly was on the phone. I didn’t know the details of my insurance coverage and Kelly offered to call my insurance for me. I’ve never had anyone at a doctor’s office do that before.

Debbie Helman

After visiting the Shakthi website and reading other patient testimonials, I was curious about the wide variety of treatments that were available. I have a very slow metabolism, was fatigued, had insomnia, back pain, and just didn’t feel as well as I wanted to in general. I had more allergic reactions and respiratory issues in the preceding months before coming to see Dr. Jyothi Rao. I had completed three courses of prednisone while under the treatment of my traditional doctor and was fed up with that cycle and was looking for another path.

- Debbie Helman

Linda J.

I was given the gift of Dr. Rao's integrative specialty care for Christmas in 2016. I didn?t take advantage of it until March of 2017. My mindset at the time was negative. I had heard about changing eating habits and I felt that I liked the foods I was eating and I was nearly 70, so why change now? After meeting with Dr. Rao and hearing her suggestions, I said I would take it one small step at a time and see what happens.

I was in the worst shape of my life

I was in the worst shape of my life with depression and anxiety. I had given up. Shakthi provided me with a manageable plan that included supplements, diet, and an exercise program that has transformed my body and given me a new outlook on life. Perhaps the most surprising outcome was learning how to be healthy and have a good relationship with my body. I am now more productive, energetic, and focused. The fog that had been clouding my thoughts has lifted.

- Shakthi Patient

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What To Expect

Holistic Medicine Providers

Meet Our Doctors

Our team is composed of skilled medical professionals who are highly knowledgeable in the practice of holistic integrative therapies. We believe patients shouldn’t have to settle for “quick fixes” for their health.  

Our Specialized Health Care model provides patients with in depth consults with each appointment without the restrictions of time limits and jumping through insurance hoops. Our holistic medicine doctors in Maryland, Dr. Jyothi Rao and Dr. Sudhir Rao, have the same medical training, licensing, and certifications any other physician would have working in other healthcare models 

Jyothi Rao


Dr. Jyothi Rao is the founder of Shakthi Health and Wellness Center. She has over 20 years of experience with integrative, holistic, alternative, and complementary approaches to medicine. Dr. Rao believes knowledge is empowerment and focusses her practice on whole body wellness, and disease prevention

Sudhir Rao


Dr. Sudhir Rao is a board certified doctor over 20 years of experience with traditional medicine and alternative medicines for chronic pain.  he developed a strong interest in Functional and Integrative Medicine to treat chronic illness after a personal experience with limitations in traditional medicine.

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