Numerous studies have demonstrated that competitive athletes recover more efficiently from training and competition with good quality protein supplementation and in particular, whey protein. Research shows that post workout, whey proteins help the body recover from the stresses of active exercise as it is one of the most rapidly absorbed proteins. In fact, the amino acid profile of whey contains one of the highest percentages of essential amino acids called branched chain amino acids.

During an athlete’s recovery phase, whey can slow down the breakdown of glycogen, help stabilize the absorption of blood glucose, and most importantly, facilitate the rebuilding and repair of muscles and tissue. Consuming whey protein also results in reduced muscle pain and stiffness after a strenuous workout.

Whey protein structurally is most like skeletal muscle. It contains 9 amino acids not found in the body and therefore considered essential because it must be taken in from food sources. Whey protein provides the reliable nutrition to restock glycogen stores, promote protein synthesis and boosts repair of muscles. It also provides beneficial nutrients that support immune function. It is considered dairy so people with dairy sensitivities should be cautious with consumption.

Talk to your providers about the sources of protein which is right for you.


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