March 22

Supplements Provide Extra Help With Healing What Ails the Body

We talk a great deal about food choices and lifestyle with our patients. Nutritional supplements play a role in improving an individual’s overall wellness and help the body heal. People with nutritional deficiencies caused by a number of factors such as medications, poor gut health or a gut that is not properly absorbing nutrients can benefit from a physician supervised supplement program.

When working with patients in improving diet and making lifestyle changes to recover good health, nutritional supplements play an important role. Every person is unique, however, and our goal is to get the body to heal. And, sometimes the body needs a little extra help.

For example, a patient with poor gut health and problems with absorption and food sensitivities can benefit from supplements such as probiotics. People with gut issues often cannot get enough nutrients through food alone. As we work to align the gut and improve overall health, supplements provide people with the extra nutrients they are not receiving through diet alone. At Shakthi, we also use supplements to help individuals reduce stress, anxiety and promote sleep- all factors in improving wellness.

Not Just Any Old Vitamin: Higher Quality Supplements Make A Difference

The quality of the supplements we offer at Shakthi are much higher than what you can buy in any retail store. We offer supplements that are pharmaceutical grade, which means that the products we deal with are backed by extensive research. Such supplements that are geared toward clinical practices and only sold to physician practices are of higher quality and work with the body’s natural processes on a whole new level.

Common supplements most often prescribed to our patients range from probiotics and omega 3 fatty acids, to protein powders with anti-inflammatory proteins as well as nutrients that help the body detoxify. Our patients also benefit from herbs and vitamins that help with various hormone imbalances.

Ask us how supplements can be a healthy part of your overall wellness program.

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