New Habits to Get Healthy This Spring

Spring is often seen as a time for regrowth and rebirth as the clouds of winter lift and the spring flowers bloom. But with the warm weather of spring finally peeking through, people everywhere are thinking about how to get healthy in the spring, and summer months to come. Now is the time to act on your January resolutions and develop a new and healthier lifestyle for you and your family. So, what kind of new habits can you spring into this spring?

Get Up Offa That Thing

With warmer weather approaching, one thing to think about is exercise. Try walking, jogging, or running around your neighborhood to get in your exercise regimen. Many health professionals recommend at least 15 minutes of moderate exercise every day. If you don’t have time to hit the gym or to devote time to exercise, consider changing up your daily routine to add more physical activity. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk to your boss’s office instead of sending an email, or park farther away than normal for a few more steps.

Drink Water Instead

Food choices are the most important factor you can change when it comes to your health. Additionally, intense workouts and exercise sessions can be a wasted effort if food choices are poor. However, drinking water can help revitalize your body and make you feel better overall. Without plenty of water, your body could be storing toxins that affect your body’s systems. So, drink up this spring!

Eat Real and Fresh Foods

It can be tempting to use canned veggies for a quick and easy dinner, but canned and frozen items often carry preservatives, tons of sodium, and additives. Instead, take advantage of the growing season by visiting your local farmers’ market for some in-season, local produce, and meat. Shopping local can also help save the environment by eliminating the long-distance delivery systems some organic food goes through to be delivered to your grocery store.

Make Your Appointments and Screenings Now

It can be easy to ignore your follow up appointments and health screenings for your doctors, but these appointments are an extremely important part of staying healthy. Keep track of your health throughout the year by making your appointments this spring.

Start this spring off on the right track by calling Shakthi Health & Wellness for an appointment today! With our innovative integrative medicine approach, you can feel healthy all year long!


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