December 14

Shakthi’s Detox Program Focuses on Rejuvenation in the New Year

There comes a point in every person’s life where the constant demands of life and the on-the-run way of living takes a toll on the body. As we begin a new year, it’s a great time to reassess health and wellness goals and take steps to rejuvenate the mind and body.

The Shakthi Detox Program

At Shakthi, we assist our patients with getting a fresh start in the New Year with a new and exciting Detox program. The program focuses on eliminating the toxic burden that slows the body down and makes a person feel sluggish and generally unwell. This six-week, physician supervised detox regimen is designed to increase energy by clearing the body, specifically the liver and gut, of toxins that lead to fatigue, loss of energy and focus, and inflammation. Many patients who have completed the program have been amazed at their renewed energy and general feeling of overall improved wellness.

How it Works

Shakthi’s Detox program is focused on eliminating toxins and the intake of poor nutrition. This, in turn, assists in liver function and gut health. The liver is the body’s key to eliminating toxins from the system, so optimizing liver health is vital.

Shakthi’s Detox program also focuses on how the body burns fat. Our specialists check body composition before and after detoxification because toxins throughout the body hold onto fat. Cleansing the body of toxins can ultimately lower the percentage of body fat.

The Detox program provides patients with everything required to revitalize liver health and support natural detoxification including:

  • A comprehensive restorative kit which includes a specialized elimination diet and nutrient program to reduce toxic burden and support phase I and II liver detoxification
  • Nutritional recipes and a shopping list to provide the body with the nutrients needed for detoxification
  • Special supplements that focus on liver health
  • Private sessions with Dr. Jyothi Rao and Shakthi’s detox program coordinator
  • Body impedance analysis tests to evaluate detox progression
  • Unlimited access to the infrared sauna and the biomat for six weeks

Rejuvenate and Detox for the New Year

By participating in Shakthi’s Detox program, patients will start the New Year with optimized gut and liver heath, more energy, less inflammation, and overall better health.

In addition to the Detox program, adding in other restorative activities such as Yoga or meditation can move you closer to your goal of achieving better health and wellness in the New Year. Shakthi offers many restorative therapies and services that can help set you on the path to improved wellness, from the infrared sauna, health and wellness packages, and integrative and holistic health services, to wellness and nutritional classes offered throughout the year.

When it comes to your good health, it’s all about finding balance. Let Shakthi Health and Wellness Center help you find balance and feel your best in the New Year.

Call 301-703-5067 today to learn more about Shakthi’s detox program and other holistic health services.


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