June 29

Severe Pain Led Me to Shakthi for Relief

My experience with Shakthi Health and Wellness Center began when I was a patient of the Shakthi pain and spine center. I had severe neck issues and underwent several procedures. It was then that I started going to the health and wellness center and Dr. Jyothi Rao for acupuncture and nutrition IVs. I am a post bypass patient and my vitamin levels were always low. Dr. Rao addressed my nutrition and was very thorough in her testing evaluation. She is very good about monitoring my vitamin and nutrient levels closely. She has addressed all of my health issues, put me on a variety of vitamins and supplements, and made dietary changes that have all helped me immensely. Now, I just feel so much better, have more energy and also sleep better than ever before.

I just love Dr. Rao’s integrative approach to health. She is caring, very patient and never makes you feel rushed. She explains things thoroughly and really knows her stuff. She is my hero!

Kathy H., patient of Shakthi Health and Wellness Center



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