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Weight Management Specialists Maryland

Our medically supervised program is individualized and tailored to your needs. Everyone's weight loss journey is different. You are different and we believe you should not have to settle.

Weight Loss Programs

There is no magic pill for losing weight and keeping it off. You know it. You've heard it before. Yet millions of Americans spend billions of dollars searching for the magic bullet only to fall short on their weight loss goals, or worse yet gain back every pound that was lost. The most sustainable approach to managing weight is through a healthy, nutrient rich diet and regular exercise and movement.

At Shakthi, we're not interested in offering a weight loss program that garners short term results. We are focused on you living the very best life in good health. Our medically supervised program is individualized and tailored to your needs. Everyone's weight loss journey is different. You are different and we believe you should have to settle for a cookie-cutter approach.

Our physicians use specialty laboratory and diagnostic testing to assess body composition. We develop a tailor made program that will achieve the results of the individual. Our weight loss therapy targets resetting the weight control center of the brain. Utilizing all natural (non-hormonal) herbal appetite suppressants, nutritional supplements, nutrition counseling, calorie reduction and education, we work closely with you to develop a plan that is nutritionally sound.

Diagnostic Testing

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Weight Loss Specialists Maryland

We don't believe that health and wellness comes in the form of a pill. Our integrative, weight loss approaches focus on the whole you. Your weight loss journey deserves a more comprehensive, functional approach that is patient-centered and customized to your needs.

Our Direct Primary Care model of healthcare provides patients with in depth consults with each appointment without the restrictions of time limits and jumping through insurance hoops. Our weight loss Doctors in Maryland, Dr. Jyothi Rao and Dr. Sudhir Rao, have the same medical training, licensing, and certifications any other physician would have working in other healthcare models. Follow this link to learn more about our team!

Our Process Takes Time and Careful Study

What To Expect

Our doctors and staff take time to get invested in your health and well-being. We've taken a step back from mainstream medicine and are challenging the norm. Everyone's healthcare needs are different. You are different. We believe patients shouldn't settle. Our practice is not a revolving door. We listen, and most importantly, we hear you.


Appointments are conducted on an as-needed basis. Patients can expect appointments to be more thorough and focused on their needs. As concierge doctors, we see a limited number of patients which means each of our patients receives dedicated care without the concern of being “rushed” our of an appointment.

Diagnostic Testing

We offer patients scientifically backed health assessments to better understand the root causes of their health conditions. We evaluate any disruptions to your health and body to develop effective wellness plans to optimize your vitality. To learn more about the specific tests we offer visit this page here

Costs Involved

Patients receive personalized and tailored care in exchange for a flat fee. Overall cost will be discussed during your initial consultation. Each subsequent appointment will not need to be individually paid for. All patients receive unlimited access to their physicians which leads to better overall health and wellness.

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