Shakthi Treatment Plans

Integrative Specialty Care

Patients pay an Annual or Monthly fee in exchange for integrative specialized care that include in-depth consultations, diagnostic testing, and treatment plans that are completely customized to your needs. Since a yearly plan is a commitment we offer a 15-minute meet and greet with Dr. Jyothi Rao before deciding on enrollment.

summary of services

Payment options

Regular Check-Ups

Routine Follow up | In-Office and Virtual

Routine Follow up  / In-Office and Virtual

Diagnostic Testing

Scientifically backed health assessments to fully evaluate your health conditions

Scientifically backed health assessments to fully evaluate your health conditions

Referrals To Specialists 

 When a patient needs additional care beyond what we provide.

When a patient needs additional care beyond what we provide.

Routine Follow-ups

Up to 6 visits per year

Additional visits = $75 per visit 

6 visits per year

Additional visits = $75  



Cancelation Fee


48 hour notice required

Prescription Refills 

Called in as needed (must be seen within last 3 months)

Called in as needed (must be seen within last 3 months)

free perks and discounts

After Hours Care

Dr. Rao available via Cellphone

Available via Cellphone

Infrared Sauna

Included Free

Amethyst Biomat

Included Free

IV Nutrition Therapy

$40 discount

Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy


Stock Supplements / Fullscript

10% off

Regenerative Medicine


Annual Fee

Annual Fee

$2,400 yearly

Full year Paid upfront


Monthly Installment Plan

Monthly Plan

$200 monthly 

+$400 initial charge 

Please note: Annual retainer Fee DOES NOT include costs associated with outside labs including but not limited to the following: LabCorp, Quest Diagnostics, Cleveland Heart lab, Sunrise Medical, Singulex, Genova Diagnostics, Dunwoody/ Precision Point diagnostics, Labrix, Elisa,Great Plains, Real Time, IGeneX, Doctors Data, Diagnostic solutions, MDL, Sanesco, Dutch / Precision, Real Diagnostics, Spectra Cell,Cell Science, Microgen DX, Microbiology, DRG, Vibrant Wellness, Vibrant America, and Physicians Lab.

Key Features

Integrative medicine combines traditional, functional, and holistic approaches to healthcare in order to address the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional aspects of health. By using integrative medicine, patients can benefit from increased energy levels, improved mental clarity and focus, better stress management, relief from chronic pain, reduced risk of disease, and improved overall quality of life. Here are a few benefits of our care plans:

  • Subscription-based: Patients pay a monthly or annual fee to their integrative specialty care physician for comprehensive integrative specialty care services. 
  • No insurance involvement: We do not bill insurance companies or third-party payers for services provided. An insurance provider may cover outsides labs in some cases.
  • Comprehensive care: We provide a wide range of integrative specialty care services, chronic disease management, alternative therapies, and acute care.
  • Longer appointments: Appointments range from 30 minutes to an hour, to allow for thorough discussions and personalized care.
  • No co-pays or deductibles: Patients do not pay co-pays or deductibles for integrative specialty care services under the direct integrative specialty care model. All services are included in the subscription fee.
  • Focus on patient satisfaction: We prioritize patient satisfaction and work to build long-term relationships with our patients. This approach allows for more personalized care and better health outcomes.
  • Coordination with specialists: When required we can work closely with outside specialists to enhance to quality of your care.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do consultations work?

What Conditions Do You Treat?

What Is Integrative Medicine?

What accredidations do you have?

Our doctors have the same accredidations as any other integrative specialty care doctor. Learn more here.

Which treatment plan should I Choose?

Helpful Articles

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Shakthi Digital Guide

A comprehensive guide to our treatment plans, locations, doctors, and the treatments we offer.

Speaker Services

Request Dr. Jyothi Rao to speak at your next event or podcast to discuss holistic wellness.

Integrative Medicine Providers

Meet Our Doctors

Meet Our Doctors

Our team is composed of skilled medical professionals who are highly knowledgeable in the practice of holistic integrative therapies. We believe patients shouldn’t have to settle for “quick fixes” for their health.  

Our Integrative specialty care model provides patients with in depth consults with each appointment without the restrictions of time limits and jumping through insurance hoops. Our Integrative medicine doctors in Maryland, Dr. Jyothi Rao and Dr. Sudhir Rao, have the same medical training, licensing, and certifications any other physician would have working in other healthcare models 

Jyothi Rao


Dr. Jyothi Rao is the founder of Shakthi Health and Wellness Center. She has over 20 years of experience with integrative, holistic, alternative, and complementary approaches to medicine. Dr. Rao believes knowledge is empowerment and focusses her practice on whole body wellness, and disease prevention

Sudhir Rao


Dr. Sudhir Rao is a board certified doctor over 20 years of experience with traditional medicine and alternative medicines for chronic pain.  he developed a strong interest in Functional and Integrative Medicine to treat chronic illness after a personal experience with limitations in traditional medicine.

Patient Testimonials

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Susan Doyle

I started by seeing Dr. Sudhir Rao for my Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) Syndrome. I had an accident in July 2010 that caused nerve damage in my ankle. After treatments and surgery, it spread up the entire left side of my body. The only way to describe how you feel is by saying you’re a human pinball machine ? you just never know where the pain is going to be that minute. I had asked about acupuncture because someone had told me that it worked for them. I was at the point of trying anything to lessen the pain because it was getting worse every day.

Anonymous Patient

I am actually a relatively healthy 50-year-old woman. I try to eat well and exercise, but I (like many) felt the creep of age in the form a subtle pounds and decreasing energy. Dr. Rao helped point me in the direction of the correct detox program for me (Core Restore!) as well as the supplements I needed to boost my metabolism and increase my energy! I still need to eat what works for me and avoid the things that don't, and I still have to exercise every day, but my clothes fit better and I have more energy!!

- Shakthi Patients

Anna Smoot

I came to see Dr. Rao with symptoms of chronic fatigue, abdominal pains, depression, and weight gain. I had seen a couple other doctors and they had found that I had very high inflammation levels and over 15 food allergies/sensitivities. They wanted me to just take prescription drugs, but I wanted more than a quick fix. I wanted my health and my life back! When I scheduled the appointment, I was surprised how by helpful Kelly was on the phone. I didn’t know the details of my insurance coverage and Kelly offered to call my insurance for me. I’ve never had anyone at a doctor’s office do that before.

Debbie Helman

After visiting the Shakthi website and reading other patient testimonials, I was curious about the wide variety of treatments that were available. I have a very slow metabolism, was fatigued, had insomnia, back pain, and just didn’t feel as well as I wanted to in general. I had more allergic reactions and respiratory issues in the preceding months before coming to see Dr. Jyothi Rao. I had completed three courses of prednisone while under the treatment of my traditional doctor and was fed up with that cycle and was looking for another path.

- Debbie Helman

Linda J.

I was given the gift of Dr. Rao's integrative specialty care for Christmas in 2016. I didn?t take advantage of it until March of 2017. My mindset at the time was negative. I had heard about changing eating habits and I felt that I liked the foods I was eating and I was nearly 70, so why change now? After meeting with Dr. Rao and hearing her suggestions, I said I would take it one small step at a time and see what happens.

I was in the worst shape of my life

I was in the worst shape of my life with depression and anxiety. I had given up. Shakthi provided me with a manageable plan that included supplements, diet, and an exercise program that has transformed my body and given me a new outlook on life. Perhaps the most surprising outcome was learning how to be healthy and have a good relationship with my body. I am now more productive, energetic, and focused. The fog that had been clouding my thoughts has lifted.

- Shakthi Patient

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What To Expect

How Treatment Works

Our doctors and staff take time to get invested in your health and well-being. We've taken a step back from mainstream medicine and are challenging the norm. Everyone's healthcare needs are different. You are different. We believe patients shouldn't settle. Our practice is not a revolving door. We listen, and most importantly, we hear you.


Appointments are conducted on an as-needed basis. Patients can expect appointments to be more thorough and focused on their needs. As Integrative speciality care doctors, we see a limited number of patients which means each of our patients receives dedicated care without the concern of being “rushed” our of an appointment.

Diagnostic Testing

We offer patients scientifically backed health assessments to better understand the root causes of their health conditions. We evaluate any disruptions to your health and body to develop effective wellness plans to optimize your vitality. To learn more about the specific tests we offer visit this page here

Costs Involved

Patients receive personalized and tailored care in exchange for a flat fee. Overall cost will be discussed during your initial consultation. Each subsequent appointment will not need to be individually paid for. All patients receive unlimited access to their physicians which leads to better overall health and wellness.

Choose A Plan

Are you ready to make long wait times a thing of the past? View our plan options below:

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