August 20

Plant-Based Goodies You’ll Love For Labor Day

The third most popular day for grilling is almost here, and for those of us who prefer plant-based foods it’s time to put on our chef’s hat. We’re talking about Labor Day, of course. For those of us who prefer to avoid eating meat, the backyard cookout can be a real minefield. But no worries, there’s no need to starve yourself.

There has been a growing interest in plant-based burgers recently, and while they’re great substitutes, there’s a whole world of non-burger-esque plant-based products out there to explore. Let’s take a closer look at some other plant-based foods that are great on the grill and sure to please both your dietary needs and your taste buds.


Tempeh is one of the most versatile plant-based foods. Made from soy, tempeh is usually sold in a patty or long, thick strips. It’s an excellent source of protein, it’s low fat, and cholesterol free. It tastes sort of nutty, which pairs great with a wide variety of marinades and toppings (if you eat it like a burger). Best of all, because it’s thick, it won’t easily fall apart on the grill!

Portabella Mushrooms

If you’re searching for that thick, juicy umami-packed taste that you might find in a regular burger, but you want to eat something that vegetal, look no further than the portabella mushroom. They’re low-cal and low-carb, while packing a solid punch of protein and essential nutrients like Niacin and Folate. And when you grill them, they become mouth-wateringly juicy!

Grilled Carrots

Another highly versatile food that is often overlooked are carrots. You can grill them and serve them up the same way you might with a hot dog. That means topping them with all your favorite hot dog toppings (yellow mustard and grilled onions are one of our favorites).

Grilled Veggie Sausages

If you’re after something a little more reminiscent of hot dogs, you can also try out grilling vegan/vegetarian sausages. There are a number of brands and styles on the market, many of which do an excellent job of imitating the flavors, smells, and textures of the meat product they’re replacing. Most of them are low in fat and high in protein, but it might take a little experimentation to find a brand that best suits the flavor profile you’re looking for.

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