December 7

New Year, New Shakthi

Experience the Difference of Personalized, Integrated Medicine

As we get ready to bid 2016 good-bye and usher in a new year, Shakthi Health & Wellness Center is very excited about all of the new services and programs being offered to patients in 2017. Our open house on Thursday, December 8, was just the event to showcase all of the exciting offerings for current and new patients, highlighting new programs including the integrative specialty care concierge program, as well as the new hormone, cardiovascular and chronic pain programs.

Our team has spent a great deal of time developing these new services that focus on personalized and integrative medicine, because, quite frankly, traditional medicine has become much less about developing strong doctor-patient relationships and addressing the underlying causes of symptoms.

Shakthi is changing the approach to how high quality health and wellness care is delivered.

This is how we’re different

We are not a very large practice where patients are just a number or an illness. Our patients are real people with real health issues that need to be solved in more than five minutes. At Shakthi, the focus is on a personal experience where patients get to know the doctor and the doctor takes the time to get to know you.


It’s certainly a precious commodity in these busy days and many patients in traditional medical practices are frustrated that they wait for 45 minutes to see their physician only to have five minutes to spend with the doctor before they are out the door. Five minutes is not nearly enough time for a doctor to understand the root cause of a health concern.

Our practice is committed to making time for our patients. We make sure patients have time to ask questions and spend one-on-one time with the doctor so that we can drill down beyond just the symptoms to identify the root causes of illness and develop a plan for overall health and wellness.

How is this done?

As an integrated integrative specialty care doctor, I focus on holistic, integrated methods for treating health conditions from the common cold to chronic pain and fatigue. Sometimes, it’s more than just a prescription for an antibiotic that people need. Together with our patients, we work to identify risk factors for conditions such as cardiovascular disease, hormone imbalance, nutritional deficiency, leaky gut and inflammation. Shakthi offers an extensive array of testing as well as healing amenities including dietary and nutritional counseling and classes, infrared sauna, Biomat, and wellness packages that address stress, pain and fitness. All of our services are in our Mt. Airy, Md. location for convenience as well as seamless care.

Together with each individual, our specialists develop a plan for wellness that doesn’t just put a Band-Aid on symptoms, but truly addresses each symptom and its cause.

Being certified in anti-aging, I also work with patients on aging gracefully. This doesn’t mean turning back the hands of time. Aging gracefully entails addressing all of the factors that break our bodies down faster such as inflammation, nutritional deficiency, stress, and hormone imbalance.

At Shakthi, our focus is on being proactive instead of reactive when it comes to health and delivering truly personalized solutions to restore balance and wellness. Integrated medicine; it’s about taking time to look at the whole body and get every system functioning optimally for better health.

Balance. Wellness. Personalized medicine. That’s the Shakthi difference.

Get started on the path to better health today. Call us at 301-703-5067.


Chronic Illness

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