July 7

So Many Reasons to Love Summer A Perfect Season For Recharging

There are so many reasons to love summer. Aside from the weather, vacations and some time to slow down and enjoy the company of friends and loved ones, summer is the perfect season to initiate some important lifestyle changes. The longer days mean more sunshine, which provides us with natural vitamin D. Brighter, warmer days provide plenty of opportunity for outdoor activities and exercise. And, summer provides us with greater access to an abundance of local fresh fruits and vegetables to incorporate into a healthier diet.

Summer: The Best Time to Make a Healthy Change

The longer, brighter days of summer naturally elevates our mood. For this reason, summer is a good time for our patients who want to get off a particular medication or make a lifestyle change like healthier eating or weight loss for example, to see much greater success. On the contrary, in winter, the days are darker, colder and shorter and people’s moods or motivation aren’t as high, which is why summer is the time to enact change for a healthier you.

5 Great Ways to Reap the Benefits of Summer

  1. Get outside and stay active. Start walking, swimming, bike riding, hiking or jogging; take a friend or partner along for more motivation and enjoyment.
  2. Plant a garden. Tend to a thriving vegetable garden you may have started in the spring and enjoy the fruits of your labor.
  3. Take some time each day to plant a new variety of flower and enjoy the simplicity and beauty of nature.
  4. Take advantage of the access to fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables; eat five or more servings of fruits and vegetables every day and see how good you feel.
  5. Slow down and relax. Summer is a great season to take some time to de-stress and relax, whether it’s on vacation or during a staycation. Take some time to slow down and re-energize. Try outdoor or beach yoga and meditation for an extra mind/body boost.

Learn how you can set goals for a healthier life this summer, and every season.

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