Guest Author: Gina L. Sager, MD, RYT

As we discover deep energy imbalances, you will be offered simple practices to use daily at home to create and maintain healthier energy habits.

We are all made of energy-in fact we are 99% space, made of atoms and particles in a constant state of spin, creating electro-magnetic energy fields. All things in nature are likewise made of energy, and these energies affect one another. In this modern world, there are many ways our energies can get pulled out of balance and cause dis-ease.

Some basic premises of energy medicine:

  • Energy needs to move, and needs space in which to move; Stuck energy causes dis-ease
  • Energy moves in patterns, can form habits and these habits can be changed
  • Energies move in a cross-over pattern for optimal well-being; the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body, and the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body. We see these crossover patterns down to the double helix of our DNA
  • We share energy with all other beings and the environment
  • *Our current lifestyles-chronic stress, chronic survival mode, fear, competition, worry, negativity bias, etc.-leads us to stuck, immobile energy patterns which can lead to physical, emotional and spiritual dis-ease, These ways of living are inflammatory, depressing and decrease metabolism at all levels of our being. Chronic stress does NOT allow restorative functions and healing to occur because all resources are otherwise engaged!
  • The health of the energy body is reflected in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of each of us.

Eden Energy Medicine allows us to create a more resilient energy body, leading to greater resistance to the unrecognized tolls of an unconscious life, and allows us to find the joy and ease that may have been long missing for us. Rather than isolating yourself from the world, you will learn to create energetic boundaries that allow you to be in the world but not of it, as the Buddha said.

We then work with the 14 meridians, or energy pathways, used in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, using energy tests that can assess whether the meridians are under or over-energized. We will proceed to a general balancing session, somewhat like a gentle massage, clearing and rebalancing stuck energies and correcting meridian imbalances. Anything that does not correct will be the focus of the rest of the session. I will utilize gentle and sometimes firm touch over your fully clothed body, yet you will be the director of the depth of the touch. This session is for YOU and all your experiences and input will be honored at all times.

Energy testing is performed using muscles that are associated with energy pathways and meridians, to assess whether energy is flowing with ease. It is similar to, but NOT a muscle strength test!

My intention is also to help you learn to be more embodied and start to trust the subtle messages of the body. The body speaks your true mind in a way that is ALWAYS more truthfully than your thinking mind does! The more embodied you are, the more trust in your own body you develop. As trust develops, all of your systems will relax and shift out of survival and into restoration, healing and thriving.

View some simple techniques for grounding using Eden Energy Medicine presented by Gina Sager. For more information on Eden Energy Medicine, or Gina L. Sager, MD, RYT, please visit her website:


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  1. I am an Internal Medicine Physician, Molecular Biologist and energy healer. I was introduced to medical Qigong/energy medicine through a Qigong master (Rosalyn Bruyere—teacher of Barbara Brennan) at the University of Arizona school of medicine's associate program and integrative medicine under the famous Dr. Andrew Weil, MD. I am in the closing stages of writing a book about my treatment of patients using these techniques entitled "A Perfect Falcon: A Physician’s Journey In Consciousness Healing." I am searching for people who would be willing to read and critique this material and perhaps disseminate it as I anticipate self-publishing. Alternatively, you could just have a nice, informative read. Are you interested? If you are connect with me and send a message via email.
    Feel free to forward this email to anyone in your profession that might be interested.
    If you are concerned whether I am LEGIT visit my profile at my place of employment.

    William R Schroeder DO MCDB

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