May 12

An Interview With Eleni Bontzos

The Perfect Fit

When Eleni Bontzos contacted Dr. Jyothi Rao, MD, she was looking for a position as a liaison, connecting doctors and patients. She never expected that her work would turn into such an empowering undertaking that would inspire her to grow the opportunity into even more.

An ambitious student, Eleni graduated Louisiana State University with a Bachelor of Science in biological sciences degree in 2015. During her studies in Advanced Cellular Biology and physiology she noticed an unexpected trend. Nutrition played a major role in how well, or unwell, cells react within the body. The common theme, how vitamins and minerals affect the body, led her to her next educational undertaking.

In August 2015, Eleni entered the Masters Program for Clinical Nutrition and Integrated Healthcare at Maryland University of Integrative Health. After a licensing exam in August 2016, she will be able to practice as a Licensed Dietetic Nutritionist. To help her engage with the actual science of wellbeing and put her education into practice, Eleni contacted Dr. Rao hoping to land a position that would satisfy her never ending thirst for knowledge and to help clients reach their goals.

So far, it’s been a win-win-win for Eleni, Shakthi Health and Wellness, and their patients.

As a Clinical Liaison for Shakthi, Eleni works for both the staff and the patients. She acts as a go-between to help patients understand diagnosis, answer questions and acts as an overall additional resource to the busy office. Her position hasn’t stopped there though.

In just a short time, Eleni’s presence has motivated exciting projects like Shakthi in the Kitchen and Shakthi TV, where Eleni prepares healthy recipes. The recipes chosen are healthy and tweaked to increase nutrition and anti-inflammatory elements, as well as taste great. She believes that preparing healthy food needs to be two things: easy and delicious (and who can argue with that?).

Another aspect of her job is to help clients understand the nutritional supplements Shakthi offers. Her expertise aids in patients knowing they are making the right decisions and how to effectively use supplements to reach goals. On top of this, she can also explain the ins and outs of confusing food labels and nutritional jargon so clients are making the right, healthier choices in grocery stores.

There’s no question that Eleni’s service at Shakthi hasn’t increased the value of the already impeccably client-centric doctor’s office. Her positivity and ability to understand patients only adds more reason people choose Shakthi over other healthcare providers.

When she isn’t studying or working, Eleni is spending time with friends and her big Greek family! She loves animals, and has a 4.5 lbs Teacup Yorkie named Filos (his name means my friend in Greek). She loves to exercise when she can fit it into her busy schedule, and taking Filos for a walk after work or school helps her to destress if she can’t make it to the gym!

To learn more about her practice or to speak to her regarding Shakthi in the Kitchen or other programs she’s involved with, give Shakthi a call.


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