October 10

Stress Plays a Role in Memory Function

The British Medical Journal in the, September 30th issue looked at the role everyday stress plays, in development of dementia. Dementia or appreciable decline in memory and other cognitive functions can occur from many reasons. These include vitamin deficiency, neurological disease, age-related decline, vascular disease. However, these researchers looked for the association of stress and dementia. They looked at middle-aged women and asked them about 18 most common stressors including divorce, serious illness, death of child or spouse and others. The researchers looked at data from questions and found those who experienced the most stress were 15% more likely to develop any type of dementia and 21% increase in Alzheimer’s, four decades later.

More studies are needed to see if different stressors acute versus chronic impact outcome or if treating stressors “make a difference.” However, learning the coping techniques such as meditation, deep breathing and relaxation techniques have been proven to help with sleep promotion, lowering blood pressure, and improve quality of life.

Shakthi Health and Wellness Center now, offers yoga, meditation, hypnosis, reflexology, massage, therapy and group counseling, to help individuals attain coping skills for everyday stressors. Please call 301-703-5067 or email info@raowellness.com to request your appointment today!


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