December 14

How To Survive Holiday Parties The Healthy Way

Don’t Let Overeating Or Unhealthy Choices Derail Your Holiday Spirit.

As we celebrate this holiday season, it’s important to think about health and nutrition and what we truly need to fuel ourselves. We know it’s not the overabundance of cakes, cookies, candies, and alcoholic beverages that are so tempting at holiday parties and events. And, we are certainly not saying you shouldn’t have a good time just follow these tips to be sure you don’t overdo it.

Bring A Healthy Dish

A good way to make sure you’re eating at least one healthy dish at a holiday party is to bring one yourself! It’s also a great way to contribute to the festivities and thank your host. Look up some delicious, healthy recipes and cook away. If you’re having trouble finding something to make, check out our website and keep an eye on our social media pages for lots of yummy recipes!

Eat Beforehand

Eating a hearty meal before a party is always a good way to ensure you’re not too tempted by unhealthy dishes and risk overeating. It’s okay to leave a little room for snacking and indulging on some good holiday food, but make sure you don’t arrive with a ravenous appetite.

Choose Wisely

The holidays are a time to enjoy yourself, so it’s okay to choose wisely and indulge a little. Choose foods that are low in calorie and not too unhealthy for you. Go for the veggies, fruits, nuts, and hummus. They are great, healthy foods to snack on at any party!

Use A Small Plate

This is a neat tip that tricks your body into thinking it’s eating more than it actually is. If you fill up a small plate, your mind subconsciously thinks it’s about to fill up on lots of good food. In reality, you’re consuming a lot less than you would with a big plate. This is a great trick to avoid overeating.

Slow Down And Enjoy

Similar to the tip above, this also tricks your mind into thinking you’re eating more. Studies show that taking smaller bites and eating slower will help you eat 30% fewer calories. So make sure you nibble on that pie, don’t gobble it down.

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