June 22

Holistic Approach to Joint Pain and GI Condition Leaves One Patient Feeling New and Improved

“I first started seeing Dr. Jyothi Rao in January 2015 when extreme joint pain in both knees became too much to bear. This new knee pain, coupled with past gastrointestinal issues and new food allergies, had me feeling that I needed to take a more holistic approach to what was happening inside of my body.

I initially went to my integrative specialty care doctor about my knee pain and she ran a series of blood tests, which all came back normal. Then, she ran some food allergy tests and I was surprised when many of the tests came back positive for food allergies. With this new information, I decided that there were other things going on with my body, and I wanted a more holistic approach to caring for these conditions. That’s when a friend referred me to Shakthi Health and Wellness Center and Dr. Rao.

Dr. Rao performed a comprehensive work-up on me and found additional food sensitivities. Understanding my past GI conditions and poor gut health, she then started me on an elimination diet, cutting out those foods that were causing my body to react in unhealthy ways, as well as my knee pain. She explained that many of the foods I was eating was causing inflammation in my body and causing my body to react in ways that was taxing my system, causing adrenal fatigue, my gut issues and even my knee pain. I started feeling much better with the new diet regimen. It’s amazing to see the positive changes when you eliminate certain foods from your diet. Dr. Rao also prescribed various vitamins and supplements for increased energy and gut healing. I also began a series of acupuncture treatments for my knees, which has helped relieve a great deal of my pain.

Overall, I’ve seen a big improvement in my knee pain and my overall health since seeing Dr. Rao. I have increased energy thanks to my new diet, my GI symptoms have improved and so has the joint pain and fatigue.

Dr. Rao sees the whole picture and looks for the root of the problem and what is really causing your symptoms versus just prescribing medication to mask the symptoms. I love Dr. Rao and the staff at Shakthi. She has helped me feel better and I like her approach. I would highly recommend the Center.”

D.C., Shakthi Health & Wellness Center patient



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