March 24

High Stress Levels May Increase Risk of Infertility

A study published this week in Human Reproduction have found that high stress levels maybe a contributing risk factor in infertility. Two substances, the hormone cortisol and the enzyme alpha-amylase, if elevated, are signs of longstanding stress. Women with increased levels of these the enzyme were found to have a more difficulty becoming pregnant. The women were told to use variety of stress-reduction techniques. Those women who had lower levels of alpha amylase were found to have higher rates of pregnancy. Specialists suggest daily exercise, adding yoga, acupuncture and a healthy diet as means to balance the body & stress response. Research continues to show multiple detrimental effects of stress on the body. Finding tools suchas meditation, deep breathing, biofeedback, acupuncture and massage can be very useful for various stress symptoms as well as an adjunct in managing chronic disease.


stress reduction

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