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Shakthi Events

Get information on upcoming events and see our past events!  

Shakthi Events

Get information on upcoming events and see our past events!

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Energy Follows Thought Series

Topics Include:

  • Thriving During the Pandemic Love of Self
  • Finding Balance with Doctor Rao
  • Law of Attraction
  • Gratitude
  • Life Expansion
  • Prosperity
  • Family Life
  • Divine Timing
  • Nurturing Mind, Body and Soul Purpose Driven Life
  • Cheerful Giving

More Events!

Culinary Conference

Simple techniques for grounding using Eden Energy Medicine

We hope you will enjoy and use these very simple techniques with an open mind, be open, give it a try ,and watch your life change!

If you enjoyed this webinar, there is an opportunity to join an upcoming online 8 week course to deepen your work with the chakra system:

Self Empowering Medicine: Healing through the chakras

This is an 8 week online home study course blending, Eden Energy Medicine, Mindful Energy Yoga, Meditation, Mudra and Yoga Nidra.

In this 8 Week Program, you will:

  • Learn the Eden Energy Medicine perspective on the 7 chakras, recognizing the power of full embodiment and need for grounding for deeper spiritual work and growth
  • Understand and embody your capacity to use your own hands to create deep,lasting change and harmony in your energy body
  • Learn the elements and qualities associated with each chakra, and simple practices that can balance each of the chakras including energy medicine, meditation and mudras
  • Experience a Mindful Energy Yoga practice that incorporates Eden Energy work into more traditional hatha yoga for a well rounded and blended practice for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance
  • Learn essential yet simple practices to balance the chakras when "on the run" and without time for longer practice