November 23

Other Doctor’s Told Me There Was Very Little They Could Do

“I came to see Dr. Rao with the hope of resolving ongoing IBS symptoms, chronic fatigue, and hormonal imbalances. After attempting to manage these issues through numerous specialists and giving up due to being told there was little I could do without going on a variety of medications, then attempting to manage on my own without much improvement, I heard Dr. Rao speak on hormone balance in women. She offered such a well-informed, holistic, and balanced perspective on how to improve health and hormonal imbalance that I knew I needed to get an appointment with her. My experience with all the staff at Shakthi far exceeded my expectations. Dr. Rao and all of her staff are wonderful. They provide support to patients in a very personal way. Instead of dreading and being anxious about going to appointments, I looked forward to it. I knew that my concerns would always be heard. Her support staff knew me and were extremely kind, friendly, and helpful, always willing to go the extra mile for me. They always made me feel special and were very responsive in following up with any questions or issues I had. Dr. Rao takes the time to get to know her patients far more extensively than the average doctor. While working with her, I knew that she cared about improving my wellness and was committed to ensuring I had the best care possible. After my first meeting with her, I felt confident that she would take the time to understand my unique situation and personalize my care. Dr. Rao was in no hurry to rush me out the door during our first visit. I have never had that experience with any other doctor. She took all my questions seriously and was extremely responsive when I had issues come up, and I knew she was committed to my care. I always received a call back from her within a few hours. She was always respectful and worked with me to provide care that I was comfortable with, and I felt very confident that she had the knowledge and experience to be able to effectively treat me. While working with Dr. Rao, many of my symptoms began to gradually improve as I implemented changes and worked through my wellness plan. After about 6 months, I felt amazing and most of my symptoms resolved. It was the most wonderful feeling! Right around that time, I received a huge surprise and found out that I was pregnant, something that others said would be a big challenge for me. I am certain that this is due to working with Dr. Rao and achieving hormonal balance under her care. She helped me to improve my health by dealing with the root causes rather than treating symptoms. I’m thrilled with the results! ” K



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