February 10

Ditch the Caffeine- 5 Healthy Alternatives to Naturally Boost Energy Levels

Do you wake up every morning feeling as if you just can’t function until you have a cup of coffee? Many people joke about needing that first cup of Joe to wake up in the morning or that energy drink to cure a mid-afternoon slump. But did you know that your body may actually become addicted to the caffeine?

Caffeine can certainly make you more alert and feel less tired, but the more you consume, the more your body will need to maintain its energy levels throughout the day. Caffeine is a stimulant, so if too much is consumed, it can cause jitters and even an increased heart rate and palpitations. When the body is deprived of caffeine, many people experience withdrawal-like symptoms such as severe headaches as well as disrupted sleep patterns which leads to insomnia and daytime fatigue. It’s a vicious cycle that can become difficult to break.

So, how can you replace caffeine with natural sources of energy? At Shakthi, we help people find healthy alternatives to caffeine that provide natural energy without the side effects or health detriments.

5 Healthy Alternatives to Naturally Boost Energy Levels

  1. Vitamin B. This essential vitamin helps the body metabolize foods that are essential for the production of energy. A vitamin B deficiency can cause fatigue and poor concentration so make sure to eat foods rich in B vitamins including lean meats, nuts, seeds, and fortified grains.
  2. Pack in the protein. Protein helps boost mood, improve concentration, and is a great source of energy. Eating a protein-rich breakfast can help maintain energy levels throughout the morning. In the afternoon, one serving of nuts and seeds can achieve the same energy-boosting results as one cup of coffee.
  3. Water is essential. Dehydration can make you feel sluggish and tired. Instead of reaching for caffeine-laden beverages, grab a glass of water. Water is essential to all functions of your body. Add a slice of orange or a splash of lemon juice and you’ll surely feel refreshed.
  4. Did you know that certain herbs promote energy as well as mental acuity? Herbs such as schizandra berry extract, guarana, purple willow bark, cayenne pepper and ginger root can boost mental alertness and increase metabolism. Always consult your doctor before adding herbs into your diet.
  5. Siberian ginseng is a root with antioxidant qualities that can also give you an energy boost. Ginseng can be sliced and steeped in hot water or purchased prepackaged as tea. Add a touch of honey, lemon or your favorite spice for a pleasant alternative to your morning coffee.

Learn more about natural ways to live a fatigue-free life. Call Shakthi Health and Wellness Center at 301-703-506


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