The onset of spring means that there is nicer weather and people are starting to go outside more and participate in activities. This is generally a time when people start to look into diets and weight loss programs to look and feel better during the warmer months. Detox programs are one of the options out there for people, as they aim to improve health through multiple ways. When you attend a consultation with Shakthi Health and Wellness Center you can inquire about detox programs, as our doctors can offer recommendations and refer out to nutritionists. 

What is a Detox Program? 

A detox program are designed to be a short-term method and claims to eliminate toxins from the body that can be harmful, as a way of essentially resetting the body. During a detox program, people will fast for a set length of time then follow a strict eating regime that usually consists of various vegetables, fruits, and water. This is meant to allow the body to flush out those potentially threatening toxins through sweat, feces, and urine. It is also intended to be a way to give the organs a break from all the heavy foods that are pumped up with chemicals, such as fast food, that make up the typical American diet. Adding the combination of fruits and vegetables, that the body otherwise might not get on a regular basis, is a good way to get extra nutrients the body needs to maintain optimal health. There are also suggestions that a detox program can help manage or reduce the effects of various conditions, such as chronic inflammation. Again, these diets are meant to be done for a limited time and are not sustainable in the long term.

You should always consult with a doctor before attempting a detox program to make sure you are going about it in a safe manner, especially if you have an underlying condition that could be exacerbated by this type of diet. This diet is highly restrictive in nature and may not be the right option for everyone. 

Tomato smoothie detox drink

What are the Current Detox Programs? 

If you are curious about trying a detox program, be sure to do your research first and, again, speak with your doctor before attempting one. Some programs out there range from a few days to a couple of weeks and require you to incorporate different things, although the best programs are the ones that include lots of healthy foods. 

These programs are a couple of the more popular ones that you can more easily find information on.  

3 Day Detox 

These tend to be very extreme programs, so be sure to look for one that does not restrict calories to an unhealthy level. You need to consume enough calories to get through the day and not end up passing out because your body does not have the fuel it needs. Pack in a lot of fruit and vegetables and don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone and try some new foods you may not have had before. You will want nutrient-dense whole foods, so do not attempt any programs that completely cut out entire food groups that are actually healthy for you. The whole foods approach is the one that is highly recommended for a quick, three-day detox. This includes foods that are loaded with antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins that the body needs to thrive. Foods like broccoli, berries, kale, and any leafy greens are ideal for a three day detox program and a mixture of complete meals and smoothies will allow you to achieve a true detox. 

7 Day Detox 

This type of detox loads a person up with even more nutritious food than shorter programs, like the three-day detox. Again, the focus should be on getting vitamins, minerals, fiber, the right proteins, water, and all the good things that your body requires. By having a high intake of fiber and water, the body is prompted to eliminate toxins in a natural way. Since the daily intake of calories is going to be lower it is not recommended to take part in any heavy exercise. It is also recommended to start off slowly to see how well you tolerate changing up your diet and make simple swaps to begin with, slowly increasing cutting out the unhealthy foods. Be sure to drink plenty of water as you start the process of a seven day detox program. Juice drinks are also okay to have and can add to overall hydration to continue flushing out toxins. 

There are many programs that are backed by celebrities and push unhealthy behaviors all for the sake of losing weight quickly. That is not the point of a detox program and these are typically the illegitimate programs that are just attempting to make a quick dollar by selling some sort of tea or juice.  

Most programs that are legitimate will include foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans and legumes, lean proteins, nuts and seeds, and of course water. They will also exclude foods such as processed foods, fatty meat (ex. beef), certain types of seafood, refined grains (ex. white bread), dairy (particularly dairy products full of saturated fat), coffee, energy drinks, alcohol, and foods that are high in sugar. The point is to remove foods that can be introducing toxins into the body and go back to the basics so the body can do what it does best, which is naturally filter out all the bad stuff. By boosting the liver and kidney’s functioning, the body can have the ability to return to balance. 

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