August 16

The Care I Received at Shakthi Improved My Overall Health…

After visiting the Shakthi website and reading other patient testimonials, I was curious about the wide variety of treatments that were available. I have a very slow metabolism, was fatigued, had insomnia, back pain, and just didn’t feel as well as I wanted to in general. I had more allergic reactions and respiratory issues in the preceding months before coming to see Dr. Jyothi Rao. I had completed three courses of prednisone while under the treatment of my traditional doctor and was fed up with that cycle and was looking for another path.

Being treated by Dr. Rao differed from the traditional medical professionals who had treated me in the past. Dr. Rao was willing to spend the time with me explaining treatment options for my issues. She went over my test results in lengthy detail and explained why she recommended certain supplements and treatments. She followed up to find out how the treatments were impacting me. She was very patient and informative.

I learned that the foods I eat greatly impact my overall health. I started by going on an anti-inflammatory diet that provided detox from some of the foods I was reacting to and it helped me identify how certain foods affected my well-being. I continued to take a supplement to help support gut health and had a sleep study which showed that I had mild sleep apnea. Dr. Rao gave me information on how to alleviate this and improve my sleep. I also learned that I had extremely high Cortisol levels and took advantage of the Bio-mat, the Infrared Sauna, biofeedback and acupuncture to help me relieve stress and lower my levels. I even participated in one of the cooking classes to learn how to make a heathy snack.

The care I received at Shakthi improved my overall health. I have lost several pounds, I feel better, sleep better and am much more aware of how to take better care of myself. I have much more energy and have not had any respiratory problems since starting treatment. I also actively practice ways to manage the stress I feel.

All of the staff was very kind, patient and helpful. The facility was wonderful. I learned a great deal about my own health and how to better manage it. I strongly recommend Dr. Rao. I was very pleased with the care I received at Shakthi.

Debbie Helman, Shakthi Health & Wellness Center Patient



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