September 8


We have over one trillion bacteria in our gut as normal gut flora. Disturbances in gut flora from medications like antibiotics can cause significant symptoms such a persistent diarrhea linked to antibiotic-induced infections such as Clostridiumdifficile diarrhea. Complications from this diarrhea can be very disabling due to weakness caused by excessive fluid and nutrient losses.

But there is help! Probiotics are organisms which improve the imbalance which can be caused by antibiotics. They can be taken as live cultures as capsules. Healthy gut flora can facilitate normal digestion, increased nutrient uptake and maintenance of our immune system. They replenish the good guys.

Be sure to look for pharmaceutical grade products which have multiple types of flora, adequate colony counts, and are dated for freshness.

Read more about the role of antibiotics in the Cochrane Summaries from May 2013.


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