The biomat with amythyst crystals is an advanced holistic product that supports multiple health benefits. It is a high tech negative ion and infrared treatment system which increases metabolism, lymphatic circulation, and blood flow- all factors that contribute to a healthier internal environment.

Research show infrared rays work by penetrating deeply into the body and gently elevates temperature. Blood vessels expand, oxygen rich blood floods in and the body’s detoxification process is stimulated. Negative ions from the amthyst assist in the elimination of waste and may help

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to balance internal organ function. In this way, the body’s natural metabolic functions are activated effortlessly.

The biomat works by simply reclining on it for a fixed period of time. Numerous studies have documented that the biomat’s gentle heat promotes relaxation and reduces stress and muscle tension. This activation of the parasympathic nervous system may result in improved energy levels and better sleep quality. The biomat integrates natural and modern science to bring another healthy modality for wellness.


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