April 26

APRIL is Stress Awareness Month – Featuring Bio-feedback Therapy

APRIL is Stress Awareness Month

Today we are highlighting


Biofeedback is a stress reduction technique in which a person learns to influence certain bodily functions and thus gain some mastery over the autonomic nervous system- the stress response pathway. Decades of research has shown that the ability to eliminate stress through conscious relaxation activates the parasympathetic network to create a favorable cascade of neural, hormonal, and biochemical events that are incredibly beneficial. The medical community have long known that physiological relaxation can contribute to peak performance, illness recovery, weight loss, pain relief, sleep and memory improvement, and so much more. In short, it recharges your stress battery.

In biofeedback therapy, electronic monitoring devices are attached to the patient to reveal patterns formed by fluctuations in one or more indicators of bodily functions such as brain waves, blood pressure, pulse rate, heart rhythm, and skin temperature. These recordings are a framework for individuals to exert some degree of conscious control over the function being monitored specifically through the use of thoughts, quick emotional shifts, or breathing techniques to produce targeted physiological changes.

Although biofeedback techniques are still considered experimental, numerous EEG studies have documented that the brain enters an alpha frequency (1-14 HZ) which corresponds to alert calmness, and is analogous to a meditative state. Research shows this physiological coherence leads to more mental clarity, creativity, and better problem-solving abilities.

Biofeedback is a great tool towards leading a more balanced and healthy life. Talk to your provider about using it as a daily practice.


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