June 30

Anti-Aging Benefits of Yoga are Simply Amazing

Did you know that yoga is one of the best anti-aging remedies around? The ancient practice has been clinically proven in a number of studies to help build and balance the systems of the body, naturally.


What is Yoga?

Yoga is actually an umbrella term that encompasses postures, breathing techniques and meditation. Studies have shown that yoga and meditation help balance the body?s hormone levels: lowering stress hormones such as cortisol, and balancing the hormones that build our bodies including DHEA, testosterone and estrogen.

Yoga can increase the production of the hormones that keep us younger and feeling healthier. When you do yoga on a regular basis, the muscles in the body begin to change, strengthen and even lengthen. Think of it this way in yoga, you’re holding a posture, or multiple postures, that build the muscles in different ways than if you lift weights in a gym. Yoga causes the muscles to elongate while at the same time helps them become very strong. That increased muscle mass helps facilitate a decrease in insulin, for example, and promotes production of DHEA and growth hormone.

In short, yoga heals, balances our hormone levels and helps our bodies become stronger.


Yoga has the power to be naturally amazing in so many ways:

  • Practicing yoga and meditation on a regular basis helps us feel younger, stronger and revitalized.
  • Studies have demonstrated how meditation grows the parts of our brain that are involved with memory and decreases other parts of our brain involved with anger.
  • Yoga helps heal an unhealthy gut, promotes better sleep patterns, provides hormone balance and increases muscle mass, which is especially important age we age.
  • Yoga also promotes a mind-body balance that is not available in any pill. It is a key element to aging gracefully.

Yoga and meditation provide all of us with the tools to increase the functionality of our nerves and brains and make us feel younger and healthier. Why not give it a try?

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