April 13

Acupuncture for Your Seasonal Allergies

Finding Allergy Relief with Acupuncture

As the sun starts to warm up the air around us, people everywhere are experiencing the effects of seasonal allergies. These symptoms can range from sneezing and coughing, to itchy and watery eyes. While many people reach for over-the-counter or prescription medication to relieve their symptoms, these medications can come with uncomfortable side effects like dry mouth, drowsiness, moodiness, trouble urinating, confusion, and nausea. But, you may be able to avoid these symptoms with using an integrative method of relief: acupuncture. Instead of relying on antihistamines for relief from seasonal allergies, acupuncture may give you relief without the side effects. So, why should you choose acupuncture for relief from your seasonal allergies?

History of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient practice that originated in China. This practice is based on the belief that life energy, called “qi” (pronounced “Chee”), flows through the body along pathways called “meridians”. As an acupuncturist inserts a thin needle into the acupuncture points, they work to restore the energy flowing through the body to eliminate pain and other ailments. Clinical trials have shown this treatment to be effective in pain relief for conditions such as chronic lower back pain, migraines, and post-operative pain. With a treatment that has been around for more than 4,000 years, acupuncture has proven repeatedly to be effective in healing the body’s ailments.

Acupuncture and Seasonal Allergies

So, what about using acupuncture for the treatment of seasonal allergies? According to a multi-center study by the University Medical Center in Berlin, a group of 422 patients were separated into three groups for a two-month study. One group in the study took antihistamines, one received a fake acupuncture treatment, and the last group received real acupuncture treatments. The group that received the authentic treatment reported a greater relief in symptoms than the other two groups. Acupuncture can provide patients with an alternative to medications. Acupuncture needles have been found to stimulate the production of IL-10, an interleukin that blocks histamine release from activated mast cells. Acupuncture successfully boosts IL-10 levels, which can modify how your body reacts to your seasonal allergies.

Many allergy sufferers have found relief with acupuncture treatments. If you are looking for a natural alternative to antihistamines, acupuncture may be the treatment for you. For more information on treating your seasonal allergies with acupuncture, call Shakthi Health & Wellness Center today!


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