February 3

6 Easy Tricks to Stay on a Healthy Track for the Big Game

The Big Game, a day where the entire country is fixated on the biggest football game and entertainment of the year. There seems to be something for everyone on game day, except for those individuals who are trying to eat healthy or are on stricter diets like: gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, or others. But, Big Game parties no longer have to sabotage your wellness efforts. Simply planning ahead, adding healthy foods into the mix and modifying traditional football party foods to be healthier, can help you stay on track with your health goals without missing a thing!

  1. Swap out greasy, fatty pizza and fried chicken wings smothered with processed sauce for a healthier version of these football favorites. Make a healthier pizza using whole grain flatbread, a bit of olive oil, fresh garlic, and your favorite roasted veggies. Bake together for a real treat. For chicken wings, bake your own using fresh, organic chicken wings sprinkled with pepper and fresh herbs, and covered in Shakthi’s special barbeque sauce recipe that’s free of the sugar and artificial preservatives you often find in store bought sauces and marinades.
  2. Trade-in salty and oily potato and tortilla chips for multigrain or gluten-free veggie chips instead. Many stores now carry an assortment of healthier options including beet, sweet potato, kale and spinach chips that have far less salt and fat and taste great.
  3. Wow guests and friends with Shakthi’s version of a healthy and hearty taco dip. They’ll never miss the fatty, creamy store bought dips once they dig into this recipe layered with heart healthy beans, antioxidant rich salsa, healthy fats including olive oil and avocados, and protein-rich, creamy Greek yogurt. Get the recipe here.
  4. Skip sugary sodas and go for infused water. Add any type of refreshing fruit including lemons and oranges or cooling cucumbers and a bit of mint to a pitcher of water for a wonderful thirst quencher. Use sparkling water or club soda for a fizzier beverage. If you do have a beer, go for low carb and light beers that won’t make you feel as bloated or add on too many additional calories.
  5. Bring the veggies. If you’ll be a guest at someone else’s party and are not sure what they’ll be serving, bring a large veggie tray to snack on. Use the rainbow of colors in your tray including red tomatoes, yellow and orange peppers, green celery or cucumbers, and purple beets. Get creative with your colors and add a healthy hummus or Shakthi’s recipe for Tzatziki on the side.
  6. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, you don’t have to feel left out of the party. Eleni Bontzos shares some of her favorite and most flavorful recipes at the Shakthi in the Kitchen series. Try these crowd pleasers: Vegan Sweet Potato Mac N’ Cheese or Vegan Chicken and Avocado Salad.

Staying on track with your wellness plans during the Big Game and throughout the year is easy and satisfying thanks to the guidance and tools patients receive at Shakthi Health & Wellness Center. Looking for a healthier, more holistic way to live life to its fullest? Call Shakthi today at 301-703-5067.


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