January 12

5 Ways Becoming Ill Made Me a Better Doctor

In a recent article featured on VegNews.com, Monica Aggarwal discusses how being a patient has taught her how to be a better doctor.

“Becoming a cardiologist isn’t easy, as one must go to medical school and complete three years of an internship and a residency followed by a three-year cardiology training program, otherwise known as a fellowship. When you finish all of this, you feel old. Or maybe that was just me, which is why I decided to have three children in five years (time was running out). Needless to say, my life quickly became a blur of work, home, and kids … and then there was my health. Four months after I had my third child, I became sick with a debilitating autoimmune disease and was given a dismal prognosis. I couldn’t understand how a person such as myself, who had once been so vibrant, had become so ill. But it turns out there was a silver lining. Becoming sick and learning how it felt to be a patient taught me how to become a better doctor. I’m so grateful for that. Since my diagnosis, I have developed clarity for my life and my work, and my patients are better for it.”

For the full article and to learn how being a patient taught her to be a better physician, click here.


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